An Atlas of Genomic Imprinting in Mouse and Human Using RNA-seq data

Genomic Imprinting in Reciprocal F1 Mice

Nature Genetics has a new paper cataloging genomic imprinting in mouse (and human) across multiple tissues. Genetic conflict reflected in tissue-specific maps of genomic imprinting in human and mouse, Tomas Babak, Brian DeVeale, Emily K Tsang, Yiqi Zhou, Xin Li, Kevin S Smith, Kim R Kukurba, Rui Zhang, Jin Billy Li, Derek van der Kooy, […]

Inferring Cellular Localization from Single Cell RNA-seq

Thanks to RNA-seq, we have ways to estimate expression abundances decently (at least at gene level :-)).  One of the other missing dimensions in realm of  expression is where is that transcript expressed from? what is the physical location of the transcript?. Till recently, our ability to answer the positional information about the expressing transcript […]

2015 The Biology of Genomes Accepted Talks and Posters Announced

The Biology of Genomes 2015(#BOG15), one of the most anticipated conferences in genomics, organized at and by Cold Spring Harbor Lab, NY announced the list of accepted talks and posters. The BOG 2015, starts on 5th May and ends on 9th May 2015, features over 50 talks and over 330 posters selected from submitted abstracts. […]

RECOMB 2015 and RECOMB-Seq Accepted Papers List

RECOMB 2015 Accepted Papers List

RECOMB 2015, one of the computational biology conferences, to be held in Warsaw, Poland from 12th April to 15th April has the list of accepted papers and the full conference schedule now. Over 30 papers accepted at RECOMB 2015 will be presented as talks at the conference and the authors of accepted papers will have […]

HISAT: A Fast and Memory Lean RNA-seq aligner


HISAT is the new kid in the RNA-seq aligner’s block. There is a good chance you might think, Oh. No. what is the need for one more new aligner when there are over 90 short read aligners. The problem is out of the 90 aligners only a handful can deal with short reads from RNA-seq technology. Most […]