Oxford Nanopore MinION Data from E.Coli K-12 Genome is here

Oxford Nanopore MinION

The wait is over. The long sought after data from Oxford Nanopore is here. Almost three months ago, we got a glimpse of a single read from Nick Loman. Now, Nick Loman organizing the really awesome Nanopore themed Google Hangout and announced that Oxford Nanopore MinION data from E.Coli K 12 substrain. The E. coli [...]

Nick Loman’s Talk on Oxford Nanopore MinION at #BaltiAndBioinformatics

Nick Loman organized awesome Google Hangout and had awesome list of speakers talk about Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing. Here is Nick Loman’ talk storified. Thanks to live tweeters. [View the story "Nick Loman's Talk Oxford Nanopore MinION at #BaltiAndBioinformatics" on Storify]

Being positive about Oxford Nanopore

In case you missed it, a Japanese team jumped the ship from Oxford Nanopore’s MinION early access program and published a paper and the data giving a negative picture about what Oxford Nanopore sequencing can do. If you are not following Oxford Nanopore, there is a good chance that you can take the paper at [...]

Nick Loman’s Talk on Nanopore Sequencing Using MinION at #UKGS2014

Nick Loman gave a first-ever talk presenting user generated Nanopore sequencing data from MinION.  (The first-ever look at Oxford Nanopore data, not generated by a user, was seen at last year AGBT .) Oxford Nanopore launched EAP late last year and possibly 100’s of users are part of the program and generating data from MinION. [...]

Oxford Nanopore’s CTO Clive Brown’s Talk at #UKGS2014

For all the sequencing enthusiasts, Oxford Nanopore’s CTO Clive Brown gave a talk today at UK Genome Science: Biology, Technology & Bioinformatics 2014. The abstract of his talk Methods and Devices for DNA/RNA Sequencing Using Nanopores Clive Brown, Oxford Nanopore Nanopore based molecular analysis platforms are being commercialized in 2014 after 20 years of background [...]