Hacking Illumina GA IIx to Study RNA-Protein Interactions


Although RNA-Protein binding is very important in many biological processes, like splicing & many post-transcriptional processes, there are not that many high-throughput assays to study Protein-RNA interactions. Contrast this to the advances in DNA-Protein interactions.  Nature Biotechnology has an interesting paper from Greenleaf group at Stanford, that hacked Illumina GA IIx to study RNA-binding in [...]

Illumina’s New v4 Reagent Kits for HiSeq To Enable 1Tb per Run

lllumina Technology Evolution

Illumina launched new V4 reagent kits for HiSeq that will enable more output, faster and cheaper data than the current V3 reagents. The V4 reagent kit can give up to 1Tb output per run in 6 days, compared to about 600 Gb output per run in V3 reagents.  And with the new V4 kit,  a single [...]

And So Begins Oxford Nanopore MinION Sequencing

Oxford Nanopore MinION Sequencing Begins

Oxford Nanopore MinION has started reaching the hands the researchers, who were selected for the first wave of Oxford Nanopore’s Early Access Program to try out MinION. And so begins nanopore sequencing experiments. Thanks to Mick Watson and Nick Loman. The lucky researchers started announcing the arrival of spring gift on Twitter. So far, it [...]

2014 Biology of Genomes Accepted Talks and Posters Announced

The 2014 Biology of Genomes, one of the biggest genomics conferences has announced the list of accepted talks and posters. This year’s conference starts on May 6 and ends on 10, 2014 at CSHL’s campus. Biology of Genomes is organized by Carlos Bustamante, Michel Georges, Elaine Mardis, and Molly Przeworski. The 2014 Biology of Genomes [...]

April Fools’ Day Jokes 2014 Round Up: Genomics Version

It is that of the year again. Time to laugh at us. Many interesting jokes on us is out there already. Here is a link roundup of the April Fool Jokes. Happy April Fool’s day! Want to improve your genome/transcriptome assembly quality?  @Kbradnam has a beautiful solution and unveiled a new software tool “N50 Booster”. [...]