Next Gen Seek: A New Kid in the Block

Next generation sequencing technologies have begun to totally revamp the way high-throughput biology is done. We are getting into the era of “sequence everything” and study later. Next-Gen sequencing also spits out enormous amount of data for every experiment, we are literally being drowned in the data. For sure, this is an exciting time to be in and try to face the challenges posed by Next-Gen sequencing technologies and the tsunami of data.

This blog “Next Gen Seek” hopes to be part of the adventure in making sense of Next Gen sequencing data. To start with Next Gen Seek will cover the exciting advances in Next-Gen technologies, latest applications of Next-gen sequencing technologies and detailed analysis offering tutorials and How To for RNA-Seq data. RNA-Seq is a one particular application of Next-Gene sequencing technology, where one sequences parts of mRNA molecules to study the gene expression/ transcriptome abundance.

Welcome the new kid in the block.

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