23andMe Discount: $23 Off On Personal Genome Kit

23andMe Personal Genome Kit $23 DiscountHolidays are almost here.   The personal genomics company, 23andMe is enticing with a special discount offer on its Personal Genome Kit offer,  to make the holidays little bit more interesting for the curious minds.  

On 23andMe’s website, 23andMe is advertising $10 off from its $99  genome kit (plus $9 per month subscription for a year) till 23rd December 2011.  At $99, the personal genome kit is already discounted from its original prize of $399.
23andMe $10 Discount

$23 Discount on 23andMe’s Kit

A even more hard to say no offer from 23andMe is the $23 discount on the genome kit. Yes, the personal genome kit is just $76 with a special coupon (plus a subscription of $9 per month for a year).

Visit 23andme.com and use the coupon KC6QKD while checking out at the coupon, the personal genome kit prize will drop from $99 to $76. The special $23 discount offer seems to be valid till 31 December 2011. It looks like you can not combine the exisiting $10 discount offer with $23 discount offer. Happy genotyping!

23andMe Discount

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