Illumina Launches A New Faster Sequencer HiSeq 2500

Illumina Launches HiSeq2500: A New Genome SequencerWith one eye on putting genome sequencers to clinical use and another eye on its competitor life technologies’ Ion Proton I, Illumina launched a new version of its sequencer HISeq 2500. HiSeq® 2500 is Illumina’s next-generation sequencing system that that can allow researchers sequence an entire genome in approximately 24 hours, “Genome in a Day”. Launching HiSeq on the same day as Life technologioes’ Ion Proton, Illumina’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Jay Flatley said

The ability to sequence an entire genome in a day with the same high quality data as the HiSeq 2000 will enable new opportunities for researchers to develop medically relevant whole-genome applications. With the HiSeq 2500, Illumina is taking another significant step forward in enabling our vision of revolutionizing human healthcare.

What is New in Illumina’s HiSeq 2500?

So what is new in the Illumina ‘s HiSeq 2500? Just like any other technology update, HiSeq 2500 is faster than its predecessor HiSeq 2000. Illumina’s HiSeq 2500 has two modes and it can allow researchers to generate 120 gigabases (Gb) of data in 27 hours, or 600 Gb in a standard HiSeq run. Putting its sequencing ability in terms of human genome, the new HiSeq 2500 allows researchers to sequence a human genome or 20 exomes in a day, or 30 RNA sequencing samples in just five hours.

Illumina also said that HiSeq 2000 users can easily upgrade to the new HiSeq 2500 – through a simple, field-based upgrade at the cost of $50,000. Illumina is hoping to begin the shipment of the HiSeq 2500 in the second half of 2012 for both existing and new users.

Improved MiSeq: Illumina’s Answer to Ion Torrent’s PGP

Illumina MiSeqIllumina also announced that it has enhanced the performance of MiSeq; llumina’s personal sequencer. MiSeq improvement adds threefold increase in throughput and now MiSeq can generate up to 7 Gb per run. MiSeq can also sequence longer and more reads now – the new 500-cycle reagent kit supports 2 x 250 bp runs, generating over 15 million clusters per run. Illumina says that these enhancements enables MiSeq to sequence small-genome assembly and small RNA sequencing projects more accurate. And yest, MiSeq is also faster now, for example, it allows microbial identification sequencing in just 2 ½ hours. Illumina’s Flatley said

The HiSeq 2500 and the improvements to our MiSeq platform continue to demonstrate the headroom our SBS sequencing chemistry brings to the evolution of next-generation sequencing. These improvements will enable expansion into new markets, moving next-gen sequencing applications closer to the clinic, and broadening access to labs of all types around the world.


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