23andMe DNA Kit Unboxing Photos

23andMe offered a special discount on its test kit during the holiday season. Instead of the regular $99 plus $9 per month for a year, 23andMe offered a $23 discount.  The special offer could not be refused and became a nice holiday gift.  The kit came in a nice small package, the box was actually smaller than expected and ready to be sent after collecting the sample. And the instructions are pretty straightforward to get ready to do some spitting.

When it comes to genetic data, we don’t fully understand the full implications of the giving permission to data. One common question with the DNA kit subscription was that what happens after canceling the 23andMe subscription. 23andMe’s FAQ answers that by saying

We retain your raw genetic data within your 23andMe account, allowing you to download it at any time, even after you cancel your subscription.

Learn more on about 23andMe and its policies on using genetic data here https://www.23andme.com/help/ . Here is the pictures from unboxing the 23andMe DNA kit that 23andMe sends it for getting spit sample.

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