Free 23andMe Genotyping from OpenSNP- A Crowd Sourced Genomics Effort

OpenSNP offer free 23andMe genotypingOpenSNP, the crowd sourced open genomics effort, announced that it will choose a number of individuals for free 23andMe genotyping if you are willing to share the data to the public (and from underrepresented countries). It is very well known that the available genomic data resources are biased towards populations originated from Europe. It nicely puts that Most public data are from WEIRDs: Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic people. OpenSNP wants to change that.

Want to join the crowd sourced open genomics effort that aims to facilitate open association analysis? Express your interests before Sunday, 03/25/12 23:59 o’clock, by filling out the application form. here is what the opeSNP has to say about the application and the free 23andme genotyping it will do for you.

Our application form contains some standard questions (Where do you live? Does 23andMe deliver to your country? etc.) but also some details about your motivation, why you want to make your dataset available to the public and why your data might be of great interest (For example: Do you have a rare disease where research is lacking?). Additionally, we will also try to get people genotyped who are currently under-represented in publicly available data sets. Most data up to now is from WEIRDs: Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic people (most are probably male, too).

The genotyping will be done through 23andMe. We will order you a gift kit which will be delivered to your address. These gift kits include prepaid access to the 23andMe website for 12 months, so you can check up on the latest findings about your genetic variation as well. After this 12 month period, those features will expire automatically, you don’t have to cancel any subscriptions.

Spread the word and learn more about OpenSNP.

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