23andMe Reduces DNA Testing Kit Prize and Removes Subscription Plan

23andme Reduces Test Pricings to $299

23andMe the personal genomics company based in California announced that it is modifying its pricing structure for its genetic test kit. The biggest upshot is that 23andMe’s personal genomic service prize is just one time $299, instead of fixed one time payment plus monthly subscription of $9 for a year.

23andMe is saying that the new pricing scheme is $100 cheaper than the earlier version. The new pricing means that 23andMe has dropped $700 for its genetic test service since it started offering personal genetic testing service in 2007. When 23andme launched its service in 2007, it costed $999. It is also worth noting that 23andMe usually offers special discount on its test pricing frequently. Late last year 23andMe offered a dicount of $23 from its $99 (plus 1 year subscription).

In the press release announcing the pricing restructure, Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe CEO said,

We’ve explored many pricing structures to make our service as accessible as possible. We concluded, a single price model without subscriptions is the best option for both 23andMe and for our customers.

In addition to reducing the cost of the personal genetic testing service, 223andMe has also made the service faster. Now, 23andMe can provide the results of initial genetic testing to customers within just two to three weeks. This is a huge reduction from earlier laboratory-processing time of about a a month.

Anne Wojcicki added that

Once an individual decides to be a customer, we want to get them their data as quickly as possible. Getting customers their data fast is a high priority.

To learn more, visit www.23andMe.com.


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