Illumina Launches RapidTrack Whole Genome Sequencing Service with 14 Days Turn Around

Illumina FastTrack NGS Service for Sequencing Human GenomeIllumina announced that it will be offering RapidTrack Whole Genome Sequencing Service using its HiSeq 2500 sequencers. Illumina claims that the FastTrack Sequencing Services that delivers a whole human genome in less than two weeks is the fastest turnaround time of any whole human genome sequencing service available today.

Illumina’s RapidTrack WGS service is powered by upcoming Illumina’s new HiSeq 2500 sequencer. Illumina launched HiSeq 2500 earlier this year and can sequence a complete human genome in 24 hours. Illumina says that the HiSeq 2500 in combination with an accelerated sample preparation protocol and Illumina’s new iSAAC genome alignment software, makes it possible to give sample-to-data cycle time of five days for a complete human genome.his allows Illumina to guaranteed turnaround time of less than two weeks.

What is the Cost of Illumina’s RapidTrack WGS?

Illumina’s RapidTrack WGS costs $9,500 per sample for individual samples. Illumina also offers discount on bulk sequencing; $7,600 for sequencing 50 or more samples. Illumina said it initially it can sequence  5?10 whole human genomes per week, and it will increase the capacity as the demand for RapidTrack WGS increases.  Announcing the RapidTrack NGS service in a press release,Jay Flatley, President and CEO of Illumina said that

Earlier this year, we previewed the rapid turn-around sequencing capabilities of the HiSeq 2500 system. Today, we are pleased to offer researchers access to the platform’s capabilities through RapidTrack WGS and our FastTrack Services. Additionally, we will shortly validate the HiSeq 2500 in our CLIA laboratory allowing fast response clinical sequencing. The processes and logistics established for our FastTrack research customers will ensure robust, high-quality results for the emerging clinical opportunity.

Illumina’s RapidTrack WGS webpage also tells that Illumina will provide sequence at a minimum of 30× average coverage from as little as 3 µg of sample. Illumina will provide

  • All pass filter reads and quality scores (including reads that did not align to the reference genome) in an archival BAM format file, suitable for visualization and downstream analysis.
  • SNP calls, insertions, deletions and structural variants with respect to the reference sequence, as well as an allele call and confidence score for every covered position in the reference in a VCF/text format.
  • A PDF summary report highlighting statistics (one for each sample).



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