23andMe Acquires CureTogether

23andMe Acquires CureTogether

23andMe Acquires CureTogether

23andMe, the California based personal genetics company, announced that it is making its first acquisition by buying CureTogether.  CureTogether was founded by Alexandra Carmichael and Daniel Reda in 2008. It is a patient-sourced company founded with the aim of making chronic medical conditions social and spread the collective treatment benefits to everyone. CureTogerther is currently funded by angel investors and has partnership with a number of universities including MIT, Stanford and Carngeie Mellon.

Announcing the acquisition news in a press release,  23andMe CEO and Co-Founder Anne Wojcicki, said that

A driving force for the acquisition is the alignment of core values we share with CureTogether. It underscores 23andMe’s commitment to helping individuals understand their own genetic information through proven DNA analysis technologies and web-based interactive tools; and generating patient-driven, informed-consent research as well as empowering our customers to use their personal genetic information to find connections and establish communities based on their DNA.

With the  acquisition of cureTogether, 23andMe goes more social and makes one step toward combining genotype with medically relevant phenotype data.  23andMe says that CureTogether has more than 25,000 members and gathered nearly four million data points on 576 different medical conditions. And 23andMe hopes to integrate 23andMe and CureTogether platforms and phenotype data. It will be interesting to know how much of the 25k members also have 23anMe genotype data and how 23andMe will put to use the phenotype data from CureTogether.



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