Beyond the Genome 2012 at Boston: Upcoming NGS Conference

The third Beyond the Genome 2012 at Boston will be held at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA from 27 – 29 September 2012. Registration is open and the deadline to submit an abstract for oral or poster presentation (and early-bird registration) is on 19 July 2012.

The registration fee for students is $249 (early bird offer is $199). Hurry up to register fast. Danier MacArthur, a Harvard Medical School faculty and Micheal Schatz, a faculty at CSHL offered (thru tweets) 15% off the registration fee by using the discount codes DMACARTHUR15/SCHATZBTG12, if one registers before 19th July. It is not clear if the discount is in addition to the early bird discount. If yes, this is really huge for students :)

Beyond The Genome 2012 Discount

Here is the scope and the theme of the Beyond the Genome conference 2012.

The aim of the conference is to discuss next-generation sequencing and other new technologies, informatic tools, and how these are being used to identify common and rare disease-causing mutations in the research laboratory and toward the clinic.

Themes will include cancer genomics from discovery sequencing to genome guided therapy, epigenomic technologies and applications, and inherited disease beyond the candidate gene approach. There will also be an informatics workshop.

 Visit to learn more about the conference.

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