CureTogether Offers $60 Discount on 23andMe DNA Analysis Kit

CureTogether Offers $60 Discount on 23andMe

CureTogether Offers $60 Discount on 23andMe

CureTogether, fresh off acquisition by 23andMe announced a special $60 discount on 23andMe services for CureTogether members. With the exclusive 23andMe discount offer, one can save $60 off on up to two 23andMe kits.

The exclusive offer can be used by existing CureTogether member or a family member/friends. CureTogether mailed its customer base and gave out a coupon code to claim the 23andMe kit discount. With the discount, $299 23andMe personal DNA testing will cost just $239. One can use same coupon code for two different orders, or for two kits in the same order.

The 23andMe offer will  expire on August 7, 2012 and to use the coupon while ordering 23andMe kit, click the “I have a discount code” link and enter the code at checkout.


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