Illumina Announces Pricing for its Cloud Storage and to Offer Free 1TB Space with BaseSpace Account

Illumina announced pricing scheme for BaseSpace, Illumina’s cloud based data storage and analysis platform for Next Gen Sequence data. Every BaseSpace user will get 1 terabyte (TB) of free storage for Illumina data. Additional storage of data can be purchased using two plan/storage increments: one terabyte and ten terabytes. one Terabyte for a month costs $250 ( $2,000 for a year). Ten Terabytes for a month costs $1,500 ($12,000 for a year)

Announcing the pricing for Illumina’s cloud computing platform BaseSpace, Alex Dickinson, Illumina’s Senior Vice President, Cloud Genomics, said

Illumina is taking huge strides to eliminate the much publicized ‘data deluge’ and data analysis bottleneck. The adoption of BaseSpace thus far has been exciting to watch, with the vast majority of MiSeq systems now connected, and already half of those actively uploading data. Making BaseSpace accessible to more researchers will have far-reaching effects, enabling more investment in understanding biology and less in processing data.

Illumina’s BaseSpace available for MiSeq and is not yet available for HiSeq machines and it available for HiSeq systems early in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Illumina BaseSpace Pricing

Illumina BaseSpace Pricing


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