$60 Coupon for 23andMe DNA Kit From CureTogether

Earlier we reported that CureTogether, a startup company acquired by 23andMe, is offering a exclusive $60 discount coupon for 23andMe personal genomics DNA kit. The special coupon code allows one to buy the 23andMe personal DNA kit for $239 instead of $299.

Now we are able to get the coupon to NextGenSeek.com‘s audience to use it to buy the 23andMe DNA kit.

CureTogether Offers $60 23andMe Discount Coupon

$60 23andMe Discount Code

R9KCKP is the $60 23andMe discount coupon code. Use the coupon code while checking out the 23andMe order, by using the “I have a discount code” option. This offer is valid only till 7th August and one can use the 23andMe coupon code to buy either 2 different orders, or for 2 kits in the same order.

If you are using the above 23andMe discount coupon code, please just use it on one personal order. Here is the detailed mail that CureTogether sent to its customers.

Exclusive CureTogether offer for 23andMe DNA Analysis

Dear CureTogether friends!

As promised, we are writing to you today with an exclusive offer to explore your own DNA with 23andMe. This offer is available only to CureTogether members, as part of welcoming you to the 23andMe family!

We’re happy to offer you a coupon good for $60 off on up to 2 kits – you are welcometo use one for yourself and one for a family member, or pass it on to friends if you’re already part of 23andMe. You can use the same coupon code for 2 different orders, or for 2 kits in the same order.

If you’re not familiar with how 23andMe works, basically you spit into a tube that is sent to you by mail, send the tube back to 23andMe, and then log in to their website tolearn what your DNA can tell you about your ancestry and your health. You can also choose to participate in research studies for Parkinson’s Disease, Sarcoma, and other health conditions.

The offer is completely optional, and will expire on August 7, 2012. To claim your coupon, please visit this link at 23andMe and add one or more kit(s) to your cart, then click the “I have a discount code” link and enter the code R9KCKP  at checkout.

We hope this will help many of you learn more about your health, and we will of course still be here at CureTogether to help everyone share the best treatments with each other on all of our health journeys.

Alexandra and Daniel
CureTogether Co-Founders

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