Illumina Announces MiSeq Grant: Winner Gets a Free Illumina MiSeq

Illumina Announces Illumina MiSeq Grant: Winner Gets A MiSeq

Illumina Announces Illumina MiSeq Grant: Winner Gets A MiSeq

Illumina announces MiSeq grant and three grant winners will receive a free MiSeq, Illumina’s benchtop high-throughput sequencer.  All Illumina wants is a 500-word proposal on how you would use Illumina MiSeq to discover, innovate, or help your research.  Illumina’s MiSeq grant application is open to all researchers across the world.  No prior experience with next-generation sequencing is needed.

The Illumina grant is due on 11.59pm PT October 15 2012, And Illumina scientists will select the three winners based on its scientific merit, originality, and how well the project idea fits with Illumina MiSeq. Illumina will announce the winners at the American Society of Human Genetics annual meeting in San Francisco, California, USA between Nov 6-10, 2012.  In addition to the Illumina MiSeq system, the winners will also get

Illumina MiSeq is Illumina’s solution for personal genome sequencer. Illumina’s MiSeq costs about $125,000 and using the latest kit MiSeq can sequence paired end reads of length 2 x 250 bases with total yield of about 8 Gb in about 40 hours.



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