NextGenSeek Stories This Week (04/08)

Here is this week’s link roundup presenting interesting stories to be read this weekend.

Life Science to Embrace arXiv Preprint Server?

It has been little more than 20 years since Physics started using open preprint arXiv for sharing their work prior to peer-reviewed publication. Finally, Life Science seems to be warming to the idea of preprint server.

This week’s Nature has an article on Geneticists embracing arXiv. Recently, top Geneticist like Leonid Kruglyak from Princeton University, Carlos Bustamante of Stanford University, David Reich from Harvard University have published on arXiv. Although it is too early to say how fast Life Scientists will embrace arXiv, it is a really good sign these preprint papers were published later in top journals.

An interesting connection in the two of the three papers on arXiv preprint server that were highlighted in the Nature paper is that both the lead authors Graham Coop and Joseph Pickrell were from Jonathan Pritchard’s Group at U. Chicago.

Stanford University’s Mike Snyder Answers Questions on Personalized Medicine

Stanford University’s Mike Snyders is probably one of the best persons to ask questions on personalized genomics.  Mike Snyder’s team recently led a study that analyzed a detailed personal genomics profiling on Mike Snyder himself. Here Mike Snyder answers questions on the future and challenges in personalized medicine and genomics

Top 25 Places to Work in Life Sciences Academia

The Scientist is back its survey results on the Best Places to Work in Academia in Life Science in 2012. The top 25 best places to work list is topped by J. David Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco, CA. And the second and third best place to work goes to Sage Bionetworks, Seattle, WA, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Kansas City, MO.  Here is the link

and here is the complete list containing top 25 places to work in Life Sciences Academia. Interestingly (or not so interestingly), the top two places are of small size with less than 30 employees. Among the top ten, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA at the fifth position has the highest number of employees (1,445 in total).

Tips for Blogging Scientists

If you are new to science blogging, here are top 10 science blogging tips from Knoepfler Lab. Knoepfler advises science bloggers to blog what one is passionate about and add a dash of controversy to keep the boredom away.


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