Top N Twitter Accounts (Academic) to Follow For Genomics

Top N Tweeting Genome Scientists

Top N Twitter Accounts to Follow for Genomics

If you are interested in science and want to keep up on the latest happenings in science, it is high time to create a twitter account and follow tweets. This is especially true for following the latest in Next-Gen Sequencing/Genomics, where a few top academics are active on Twitter and share their thoughts on Twitter. Their Scieets (Scientific tweets, a definite bad-itter word) enable real time scientific conversations, be it a model for open publication or arsenic death.

Before Twitter, these conversations were available only during happy hours in the academic corridors. Thanks to Twitter, now they are out in the open. Twitter is for you even if you do not want to actively engage in a twitter conversation. Twitter is probably the only social media where one can be actively passive.

Here is an effort to compile the top N academic twitter accounts (inspired by top N reasons to be in computational biology) to follow for all things genomics. The top N twitter list is very subjective and by no means a comprehensive list. Feel free to add more Scitters. This is only a beginning.

The top N twitter accounts (sorted based on the followers) covers academics at different stages, ranging from full professors to post-docs.

Jonathan Eisen @phylogenomics

Twitter Bio: Biologist & blogger w/ #evolution #microbes & #genomes focus; #openaccess & @plosbiology advocate; @harvard @stanford alum; prankster; cyclist & Prof. @ucdavis

Tweets: over 23000; Followers: over 11000; Following: over 2100

Eric Topol @EricTopol

Twitter Bio: Cardiologist, geneticist, digital medicine aficionado, author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine La Jolla, CA ·

Tweets: over 2000; Followers: over 8000; Following: over 300

Daniel MacArthur @dgmacarthur

Twitter Bio: I work in high-throughput human genomics, and blog about the genetic testing industry

Tweets: over 7800; Followers: over 6400; Following: over 500

Chris Gunter @girlscientist

Twitter BioGeneticist; editor; writer; nonprofit strategist. Director of Research Affairs, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. Owner, Girlscientist Consulting. Alabama·

Tweets: over 9000; Followers: over 5000; Following: over 900

Simply Statistics @simplystats

Twitter Bio: Simply Statistics blog by Jeff Leek, Roger Peng, and Rafael Irizarry. Home to statistics; data; science; and Rafa’s Rants.

Tweets: over 500; Followers: over 2600; Following: over 160

Leonid Krugklyak: @leonidkruglyak

Twitter Bio:Professor of Genomics and Evolutionary Biology. Lapsed physicist. Math and statistics junkie. Occasional mountaineer. Princeton, NJ

Tweets: over 11000; Followers: over 2400; Following: over 600

Stephen Turner @genetics_blog

Twitter Bio: Bioinformatics Core Director at the University of Virginia. Biologist, statistician, patent agent, blogger, 26.2 runner, cook, guitar noise-maker.

Tweets: over 3000; Followers: over 2200; Following: over 200

Michael Eisen @mbeisen

Biologist at UC Berkeley & HHMI; open access advocate and co-founder of Public Library of Science
Berkeley, CA ·

Tweets: over 4000; Followers: over 2300; Following: over 400

Misha Angrist @MishaAngrist

Twitter Bio:·

Tweets: over 4600; Followers: over 1800; Following: over 700

Nick Loman @pathogenomenick

Twitter Bio: Bacterial genomes, high-throughput sequencing and clinical applications thereof. Birmingham, UK ·

Tweets: over 6000; Followers: over 1800;Following: over 300

Titus Brown @ctitusbrown

Twitter Bio Bioinformatician, (meta)genomicist, developmental biologist, regulatory genomicist, promoter basher, Pythonista, climatologist, digital evolutionist – reverse!

Tweets: over 2979; Followers: over 1180; Following: over 29

Paul Knoepfler @pknoepfler

Twitter Bio Cancer & Stem Cell Researcher, Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocate, Science Writer, Soccer Fan, Sci-Fi, 1/2 Hungarian, Dad, blogger at

Tweets: over 1900; Followers: over 1010; Following: over 450

Michael Hoffman @michaelhoffman

Twitter Bio: Postdoc in computational genomics at the University of Washington Seattle·

Tweets: over 6700; Followers: over 800; Following: over 600

Ethan Perlstein @eperlste

Evolutionary Pharmacologist, Open Scientist, Self Publisher. My lab gives antidepressants and other psych drugs to yeast cells. NYC ·

Tweets: over 6600; Followers: over 700; Following: over 190

Joe Pickrell @joe_pickrell

Twitter Bio:Postdoctoral fellow studying human genetics, Harvard Medical School.

Tweets: over 1200; Followers: over 600; Following: over 120


  1. I’m not an academic, I’m a science writer, but I tweet about genetics and genomics @genomengin and blog at

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Just wanted to mention that I get questions all the time about how to stay current on the latest research, findings, methods, and other happenings in bioinformatics and genomics. I put a list of resources together that I use on my blog:

    And the author at also compiled a similar list:

    There’s much overlap with the list you provided above, but both of these go beyond Twitter to things like blogs, RSS feeds, mailing lists, etc.


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