What Did Complete Genomics Do in the Second Quarter?

Complete Genomics : Whole genome sequencing companyComplete Genomics, the Mountain View based human whole genome sequencing technology company has been in the news for both good and bad. On the bad side,  Complete Genomics had to lay off its 55 employees to reduce spending.  On the good side, Complete Genomics published a paper in Nature presenting Long Fragment Read (LFR) technology that provides highly accurate sequencing (just one error in 10 million base pairs, or just 600 errors in an entire human genome) for producing clinical-grade genomes.

Now Complete Genomics has come up with its performance report for the second quarter this year.  Here are some interesting numbers on the number of whole human genome sequencing orders, how many genomes it sequenced and how much demand for whole human genome sequencing.

On the number of whole human genomes Complete Genomics sequenced

In the last quarter, Complete Genomics sequenced,  approximately 2,200 whole human genomes. About 100 of the 2,200 genomes were for its clinical validation study with the Mayo Clinic and cancer grant programs.

On the number of whole human genomes orders Complete Genomics received

In the second quarter, Complete genomics received about 1,000 whole genome sequencing orders.

On the sequencing backlog

It seems complete genomics is running up to full capacity and has about 4,600 genomes in the queue for sequencing. Complete Genomics said it expects to sequence about 2,200 genomes in the third quarter.

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