What Did Illumina Do Last Quarter?

Illumina’s financial results for the second quarter is out.  It is more interesting to see what Illumina has been up to in the last quarter, other than the financial details.  The financial report also has the  highlights of Illumina’s research/product activities over the quarter. Some are interesting and some are just updates.

Illumina’s Highlights at this quarter

  • Announced BaseSpace Apps, a dedicated application store allowing customers to access a growing community of academic, commercial, and open source applications that simplify and accelerate the analysis of genomic data.
  • Announced BaseSpace pricing for both data storage and downstream analysis.
  • Launched the MyGenome application for the iPad®, empowering users to explore a real human genome and view reports about important genetic variation through a simple, intuitive, and educational interface.
  • Launched the real-time PCR reagent portfolio compatible with any real-time PCR platform, including a novel, probe-based chemistry for gene expression analysis called N?PCR as well as qPCR DNA Binding Dye (DBD) Assays for gene expression analysis and qPCR High Resolution Melting (HRM) Assays for genotyping studies.
  • Launched Nextera XT DNA Sample Preparation kits, which support both the MiSeq and HiSeq sequencing platforms, allowing researchers the easiest and fastest way to prepare and sequence small genomes, PCR amplicons, and plasmids.
  • Launched Nextera Exome and Custom Enrichment Sample Preparation kits, allowing researchers to quickly and economically perform a wide range of studies – from small, focused gene panels to full human exomes with the lowest DNA sample input requirements (50ng).
  • Launched the RapidTrack Whole Genome Sequencing Service, which delivers the fastest sample-to-data turnaround time of any commercially available whole human genome sequencing service.
  • Announced that the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory joined the Illumina Genome Network.
  • Announced that the Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics will replace their fleet of SOLiD/5500 systems with three Illumina HiSeq 2500 systems.
  • Announced the iSAAC genome alignment tool that maps sequencing reads to their proper location up to 10 times faster than existing aligners, significantly expediting and simplifying a critical component in data analysis.

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