CLC bio Acquires Molegro, a Computational Drug Discovery Company

CLC bio Acquires Molegro, drug software company

CLC bio Acquires Molegro, drug software company

CLC bio announced that it has acquired Molegro, a drug discovery-software company. Molgro is computational drug discovery company specializes on molecular docking and data mining software.

CLC bio is a leading bioinformatics solution provider and offers a number of Genomics workbench for Next-Gen sequencing. CLC bio was founded by Thomas and Bjarne Knudsen, and began its commercial operations in 2005. CLC bio is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark with over 75 employees and sales offices in nine countries.

Just like CL bio, Molegro is a Danish company founded in 2005 by René Thomsen and Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen. The acquisition of Molegro will help CLC bio to expand beyond its core business of offering bioinformatics solution for Next Generation Sequencing.

Announcing the acquisition news in its website, CLC bio’s CEO Thomas Knudsen said

Since 2005, Molegro has demonstrated the ability to develop and support superior molecular docking products. We look forward to adding the very talented people from Molegro to our team at CLC bio. This acquisition underlines our dedication to always look for the most viable ways to enhance our analysis platform for the benefit of our customers.

CEO at Molegro, René Thomsen, PhD, said that

We have always had a strong focus on the science behind our software, and joining CLC bio allows us to become part of a strong analysis platform and focus even more on developing the next generation of molecular docking products. CLC bio has demonstrated the capability to build an elaborate analysis platform and distribute it internationally, and exactly that competence is the best way to take the features of Molegro’s software to the next level.

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