ENCODE By The Numbers

ENCODE By The Numbers

ENCODE By The Numbers (Image Credit: Genome.gov)

The Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE), results from one of the largest projects, is here. Here is the ENCODE project by the numbers. [Update] After creating the post, we found that Nature paper “Making of the ENCODE” also has the ENCODE by the numbers infographic. Here is an updated version

  • 2003: ENCODE Pilot Project focusing on only 1 percent of the human genome.
  • 2007: A Full 5 year project with $123 million funding
  • 440 of researchers
  • 32 research groups
  • 5 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Singapore and Japan
  • 1600 sets of experiments
  • 147 types of tissues
  • 15 trillion bytes of raw data consuming the equivalent of more than 300 years of computer time to analyze.
  • 11,972 files analyzed
  • 741 Wiki pages
  • 18,500 Wiki edits since 2008
  • 248,140 page views in Wiki
  • 675 Conference calls
  • 292 person-days spent on conference calls
  • $78,000 spent on conference calls
  • 17,000 Promoter regions
  • 4 Million human regulatory regions mapped
  • 1 Main paper in Nature
  • 5 Related papers in journal Nature;
  • 18 papers in Genome Research;
  • 6 papers in Genome Biology.

Learn all about ENCODE from

Nature Video Channel on ENCODE: Encyclopedia Of DNA Elements

And this is only a begining.


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