Genetics Adopts Preprint Server Friendly Policy, What About GSA’s G3?

In a big boost to the move towards open scientific publication, the popular research journal “Genetics” announced open preprint server (like arXiv) friendly prepublication policy. Now Genetics can accept manuscripts that were already deposited in open “non-commercial” preprint servers like arXiv. A popular journal like Genetics joining the list of pre-print friendly journals is a good news as it encourages more researchers to consider the option of submitting their work to preprint servers.

Announcing the news in a blog post in Haldane’s Sieve, the site that discusses papers published in arXiv, Chuck Langley, a senior editor in Genetics said

The increasing use of preprint archives by our community and the perceived value of early, unfettered communication to the advancement of research prompted the GENETICS editors to adopt a policy that enables authors to submit drafts of manuscripts to preprint archives (such as arXiv) before or during the period that the manuscript is under review at GENETICS.

The post announcing Genetics’ open prepublication policy only mentions the journal Genetics. Genetics Society of America, the parent organization of Genetics journal also publishes a journal “G3:Genes, Genomes, and Genetics“. G3 and Genetics share their editorial board members. However, it is not clear whether G3 also honor the open prepublication policy. It will be great if GSA adds G3 as well to the “preprint friendly” umbrella.




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