Illumina Introduces CLIA Certified Rapid Individual Genome Sequencing Service (IGS)

Illumina announced that it will be offering rapid Individual Genome Sequencing (IGS) through its CLIA certified lab with a turn around of just two weeks.

Illumina Rapid Individual Genome Sequencing CLIA Certified Using HiSeq 2500

Illumina Launches Rapid Individual Genome Sequencing IGS (CLIA Certified)

Illumina’s Rapid IGS service will be available only through a physician’s order and is designed to help doctors in diagnose and treatment decisions. Illumina claimed that it is the only CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited whole genome sequencing service laboratory in the world.

Announcing Rapid IGS Illumina said, its breakthrough service will be provided using its upcoming Illumina HiSeq 2500 sequencing system. Illumina HiSeq 2500 can complete a sequencing run on a whole human genome in just one day. Pressing hard on applying whole-genome sequencing to routine clinical use, Illumina President and CEO Jay Flatley said

Illumina has long believed that sequencing will become a mainstream practice in the clinical setting. By delivering a whole human genome in as little as two weeks, we have taken significant strides towards that goal. Whole genome sequencing is quickly gaining recognition for its potential in diagnostics and treatment decisions, particularly in cases where physicians are challenged with identifying a disorder based on symptoms that don’t quite fit with a known disease. When this happens, rapid whole-genome sequencing can provide big-picture information about genetic makeup, enabling physicians to make more informed decisions and patients to obtain answers more quickly.

The press release did not specify the pricing details for the new Rapid IGS service for clinical use. However, Illumina’s non-CLIA certified RapidTrack whole genome sequencing service costs $9500 per sample.  Illumina will start the rapid whole genome sequencing with in 14 days turnaround option at a limited capacity, prioritized by the case severity.

In addition to the Rapid Individual Genome Sequencing Service, Illumina announced that it will introduce genetic test reporting Tools Using Next-Generation Sequencing Data, in partnership with Partners HealthCare.


  1. Performing this genome screening at birth or with the new patient presenting to the office, the possiblities of guiding a patient into a lifestyle of health would be a dream come true. Occupations that are toxic could be avoided in those with detoxification polymorphisms. Diets based on specific enzyme weaknesses or strengths / various fat metabolism and exercise needs could be suggested. Significant weaknesses could be corrected with supplementation or medications as soon as identified to prevent organ and tissue deterioration. All of the cytochrome p450’s could be identified and every drug prescribed could be viewed as potentially beneficial or harmful without having to “try it” on the patient. Using the science in Pubmed or other scientific sources could aid in prevention of the majority of cancers that have epigenomics already or soon to be identified. This laboratory test could be used as one of the best “preventive” screening techniques in the world!


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