NextGenSeek Stories This Week (31/08)

Here is this week’s link roundup presenting interesting stories to read during this labor day weekend.

Sequencing a Denisovan Girl

The biggest story for this week is for sure the reconstruction of the full genome of Denisovans using deep sequencing data at high coverage.  An international team led by Svante Paabo sequenced the genome of an Siberian girl, a relative of  Neandertals, using a new sequencing method.  The sequencing coverage of the ancient Denisovan girl is high as of living human’s DNA.  Here are some interesting press coverages of the work.

  1. Scientific American: New DNA analysis shows ancient humans interbred with Denisovans
  2. John Hawk: Denisova at high coverage
  3. Science Friday: Pinky DNA Points To Clues About Ancient Humans
  4. David Reich’s Interview at NPR on Denisovan Genome: Meet Your Ancient Relatives: The Denisovans

Deterministic Statistical Machine

SimplyStatistics blog came up with the idea of a deterministic statistical machine after seeing the work of a startup that tries to make stat analysis easier for “everyone”.  Read all about the deterministic-statistical-machine here

Venn Diagrams Go Extreme

The famous Venn diagrams have gone rogue these days. As if we are not pleased with the banana-grams, high school kids are creating a new type of Venn diagrams called “Extreme Venn Diagrams”.  Check out the extreme Venn Diagram at New Scientist’ site

If you are interested in the math behind the extreme Venn Diagram, check out the preprint at arXive,

Interview with C. Titus Brown

SimplyStatistics had this wonderful interview with C. Titus Brown, MSU Professor, last week. It is a great read.

Haldane’s Sieve: A Future Home of BioXive/bioSieve?

The popgen cool kids (Graham Coop, Joe Pickrell, and Bryan Howie) are at open access again. This time they have created a new website called “Haldane’s Sieve” offering a simple feed of preprints in evolutionary and population genetics for now.  Haldane’s Sieve hopes to be the place to go for all preprints in bio. Let’s welcome the future BioXive/bioSieve.

Illumina MiSeq Grant: Write 500 Words Grant and Win a Illumina MiSeq

Have a cool project idea using Illumina MiSeq? Try your luck with Illumina MiSeq Grant. Write the smallest grant ever and submit to Illumina. No restrictions on nationality.


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