Top N Science Writers’ Twitter Accounts To Follow for Genetics/Genomics

Top Science Writers on Twitter

Top Science Writers on Twitter

Continuing on the theme of top N Twitter accounts to follow for Genetics and Genomics, now we look at science writers who are active in Twitter and  worth following on Twitter.  Most of the science writers have a broad interest in Science, not necessarily just genetics/genomics. From our relatively short experience on Twitter, we think these science writers/reporters/bloggers cover topics intersting biologists on Twitter.

There is no doubt this top N Science writers on Twitter list is incomplete and there are many more interesting writers on Twitter. This list is just a beginning, please tweet @nextgenseek for other tweeting science writers.

Here is the top Science writers who are active in twitter with their Twitter bio and Tweet stats. These Science writers are either at major blogs in Wired and journals like Nature.

carlzimmer @carlzimmer

Science writer: champion of underappreciated life forms. New book: Evolution: Making Sense of Life. Connecticut ·

  • Tweets: 9,395
  • Following: 334
  • Followers: 113,574

Ed Yong @edyong209

Science writer, freelance journalist, geek, husband, creator of Not Exactly Rocket Science. I cover the wow beat. London, UK ·

  • Tweets: 49,720
  • Following: 1,043
  • Followers: 24,181

Steve Silberman @stevesilberman

Investigative reporter for Wired & other magazines, writing a book about autism/neurodiversity for Avery/Penguin 2013. One of @time’s selected science tweeters. San Francisco ·

  • Tweets: 35,113
  • Following: 3,624
  • Followers: 23,893

Matthew Herper @matthewherper

Forbes reporter covering science and medicine New York ·

  • Tweets: 14,111
  • Following: 1,229
  • Followers: 17,925

Bora Zivkovic @BoraZ

Blogs Editor at Scientific American. Visiting Scholar at NYU school of journalism. Organizer of ScienceOnline. My tweets are my own. Chapel Hill NC ·

  • Tweets: 97,253
  • Following: 8,828
  • Followers: 16,325

Ivan Oransky @ivanoransky

Executive editor, Reuters Health; journalism adjunct, NYU; blogger, Embargo Watch and Retraction Watch; AHCJ treasurer; Zinfandel drinker. New York and Northampton, MA ·

  • Tweets: 15,224
  • Following: 2,007
  • Followers: 13,033

Noah Gray @noahWG

Senior editor at Nature. I read about neuroscience. These thoughts are mine alone since nobody else will take responsibility.
New York City ·

  • Tweets: 15,905
  • Following: 400
  • Followers: 10,889

David Dobbs @David_Dobbs

Write 4 NY Times, NatGeo, Atlantic, NYT Mag, Slate, Nature. Blog @wired. Author ‘My Mother’s Lover,’ ‘Reef Madness’ & other books; 5th underway. Montpelier, VT ·

  • Tweets: 29,341
  • Following: 843
  • Followers: 9,470

Adam Rogers @jetjocko

Senior Editor at Wired. Host of the Storyboard podcast. I cover science and miscellaneous geekery, and I’m writing a book about the science of booze. California

  • Tweets: 9,130
  • Following: 331
  • Followers: 6,874

Luke Timmerman @ldtimmerman

National Biotechnology Editor, Xconomy. Runner, mountaineer, and fan of the Green Bay Packers. Seattle ·

  • Tweets: 4,781
  • Following: 596
  • Followers: 6,074

Brendan Maher @bmahersciwriter

Writer and Editor working for Nature (although views expressed here are my own).

  • Tweets: 5,078
  • Following: 795
  • Followers: 5,536

Dan Vorhaus @genomicslawyer

News and notes from the frontier of genomics, personalized medicine and the law. New York, NY ·

  • Tweets: 6,987
  • Following: 417
  • Followers: 4,944

Emily Willingham @ejwillingham

Science writer: Slate, Grist, SciAmBlogs, The Scientist, Backpacker, others. Science editor, Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism The World ·

  • Tweets: 30,980
  • Following: 1,620
  • Followers: 3,713

Erika Check Hayden @Erika_Check

Biomedical reporter @naturenews, instructor at Light tweets through January 2013. Bay Area ·

Razib Khan @razibkhan

Genes rule! USA ·

  • Tweets: 7,336
  • Following: 162
  • Followers: 2,368

Ewen Callaway @ewencallaway

I write about biology, medicine and, when I’m lucky, Neanderthals for @naturenews. Half-baked opinions my own. London ·

  • Tweets: 1,217
  • Following: 568
  • Followers: 1,801


  1. Great site and great compilations. I would also recommend @DaleYuzuki – a long-time NGS sales and marketing guy who writes great blog posts and tweets too. I have written periodically about GNOM, PACB, ILMN, etc on my BiotechDueDiligence website.


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