Illumina’s BaseSpace Gets IGV Genome Browser as its First App

Broad's IGV, Illumina Base Space's First App

Broad’s IGV, Illumina Base Space’s First App

Last week, Illumina announced that it is launching Broad Institute’s IGV Genome Browser as its first App for BaseSpace. Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) is a great visualization tool for next-generation sequencing data at nucleotide level resolution, in a variety of formats. IGV is developed by Broad Institute and is freely available under a GNU LGPL open-source license.  Illumina said it has modified IGV to display NGS alignment and variant data in BAM and VCF file formats from BaseSpace.

Base Space is Illumina’s cloud framework for analyzing next-gen sequencing data from its MiSeq machine now (and HiSeq 2500 later). Last year, Illumina pulled a “Apple” and announced its intention to get into software business and launched Base Space where apps meet Illumina sequencing data in the cloud.

Later, Illumina announced that every BaseSpace user will get 1 terabyte (TB) of free space and additional storage can purchased from Illumina. Illumina also announced two rather expensive plans for BaseSpace: $250 for one Terabyte for a month ( $2,000 for a year) and $1,500 for  Ten Tera bytes per month ($12,000 for a year).

Adding IGV to BaseSpace is an easy decision for Illumina as the Java based IGV is not a lot of work for Illumina to port it as a BaseSpace App and it is also one of the most useful apps.  It is not clear how much Illumina BaseSpace is caught on, but for sure the addition of IGV app to BaseSpace is a good step for attracting MiSeq users.

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