MacroGen Launches Exome Sequencing/Transcriptome Sequencing at a Special Price

Macrogen Starts NGS Services

Macrogen Starts NGS Services

MacroGen USA, Rockville MD based Korean biotech company recently launched new Next-Gen Sequencing services for human exome and transciptome is running a special launching price offer till 31st October.

Under the special offer, Macrogen will sequence Human Exome 150X coverage and human RNA Seq (transcriptome) of 10GB throughput for $1,999 per sample when more than two samples are sequenced. The price for sequencing fewer than three samples is $2,199 per sample. Macrogen will use Illumina HiSeq 2000 for sequencing the paired end reads. Macrogen will use Ilumina TruSeq kit for sequencing human exomes and give 10Gb throughput on average. Expected turn around time for sequencing and data analysis is about 6 to 8 weeks depending on the number of samples.

Recently, Macrogen is investing on sequencing machines and scaling up its ability to offer Next-Gen sequencing services. Earlier this year, Macrogen purchased ten Illumina HiSeq 2000 systems and two MiSeq systems, with HiSeq 2500 upgrades.

Visit Macrogen to learn more about the special price offer for human exome and transcriptome sequencing.

Macrogen Exome Sequencing Offer of $1999 per sample 150X coverage

Macrogen Exome Sequencing Offer of $1999 per sample 150X coverage


  1. Yahya Tamimi says:

    Please provide me with some information about exome sequencing. I am interested in sequencing few genes using paraffin embedded material and would like to know whether you can help to do this work. Can you also please provide me with the prices that you are asking for such service. Thank you in advance for your collaboration
    Best regards
    Dr. Yahya Tamimi
    SQU Biochem Dept. College of Medicine
    Muscat Oman

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