Did You Know There Are (At Least) 14 Next-Gen Sequence Technology Companies?

Would you believe there are next-gen sequencing technology companies other than the big players; Illumina, Life Technologies, Roche (454), PacBio, and Oxford Nanopore Technologies?

The latest issue of Nature BioTechnology is a special issue on DNA sequencing technology and has a great news feature titled “The battle for sequencing supremacy” by Michael Eisenstein.

Which NextGen Sequencing Technology Companies Will Win?

Which NextGen Sequencing Technology Companies Will Win?

The article basically asks which technology company will win the sequencing market share race? And looks at the state of art sequencing technologies that are in the market and in the horizon. Michael Eisenstein also lists 14 next-gen technology companies (including the five big wigs) competing to get some share of next-gen sequencing market.

Who knew there were at least 14 Next-Gen sequencing companies fighting hard for market share in the near future. Not surprisingly most of them are not in the market now. But one company, GnuBio based in Boston MA, is already in the alpha test mode. Here is the list of the 14 Next-Gen Sequencing companies.

  1. Complete Genomics: http://www.completegenomics.com/
  2. Genapsys: http://www.genapsys.com/
  3. Genia Technologies: http://www.geniachip.com/
  4. GnuBio: http://gnubio.com/
  5. Illumina: http://www.illumina.com/
  6. Lasergen: http://lasergen.com/
  7. Life Technologies (Ion Torrent): http://www.iontorrent.com/
  8. NabSys: http://nabsys.com/
  9. Noblegen Biosciences: http://noblegenbio.com/
  10. Oxford Nanopore Technologies: http://nanoporetech.com/
  11. Pacific Biosciences: http://www.pacificbiosciences.com/
  12. Qiagen (Intelligent Bio-Systems): http://www.qiagen.com
  13. Roche (454) http://www.454.com/ 
  14. Stratos Genomics: http://stratosgenomics.com

A very interesting list and it will be great to have a look at these companies with little bit more details. Stay tuned.

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