Illumina Announces MiSeq Grant Winners at ASHG 2012

Illumina Announces MiSeq Contest Winners

Illumina Announces MiSeq Contest Winners at ASHG 2012

Illumina announced the winners of Illumina MiSeq Grant/contest at ASHG 2012.  Ramunas Stepanauskas from Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, East Boothbay, Maine,  Karin Haack from Texas Biomedical Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas, and Stephen  Doyle from  La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia are the three lucky winners of Illumina MiSeq grant.

Here is the brief summary of the proposal from the three MiSeq winners.

  • Ramunas Stepanauskas: “Sequencing single cells of unculturable bacterial strains from dark ocean samples to provide a broad view of bacterial diversity”
  • Stephen Doyle:  “Investigating drug resistance in the nematode Onchocerca volvulus, the causative agent of African River Blindness, using a genotyping-by-sequencing method”
  • Karin Haack: “Targeted resequencing to identify potentially novel, functional variants implicated in cardiovascular disease in minority populations, including Mexican Americans, American Indians, and Alaska Natives”
Three winners will each receive one Illumina MiSeq system, 10 sequencing reagent kits, Nextera DNA Sample Prep or TruSeq Custom Amplicon), 1 TB of storage in BaseSpace cloud computing analysis, and bioinformatics tool Avadis NGS.

The winners were chosen by three Illumina scientists;

  1. Dr. Gary P. Schroth, a Distinguished Scientist at Illumina.
  2. Dr. Jacques Retief, Associate Director of Scientific Affairs at Illumina.
  3. Dr. Geoff Smith, Senior Director of Research at Illumina.

Earlier this week, Illumina said in a blog post that Illumina MiSeq Grant received a overwhelming response from researchers across the world wanting to address a variety of interesting genomics problems. In total Illumina received 850 proposals from 40 countries covering all continents.

Illumina announced Illumina MiSeq Contest in August and asked for a simple 500-word proposal on how you would use Illumina MiSeq to discover, innovate, or help your research. Illumina’s MiSeq costs about $125,000 and using the latest kit MiSeq can sequence paired end reads of length 2 x 250 bases with total yield of about 8 Gb in about 40 hours.


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