Oxford Nanopore’s MinION and GridION in the Wild at ASHG 2012

The much hyped Oxford Nanopore’s technology’s MinION and GridION is on the display at Oxford nanopore’s booth at ASHG 2012.

Oxford Nanopore launched sequencing devices GridION and MinION early this year at Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference (AGBT 2012). Oxford Nanopore’s MinION is a miniaturized disposable sequencing device of the size of a USB memory stick and costing just less than $900. Oxford Nanopore’s GridION is supposed to be a scalable sequencing system made of consumbale cartridges that can initially sequence about 10 Gbs of sequence data in 24 hours.

Although Oxford Nanopore promised to make it commercialize with in 2012, Oxford Nanopore has not released the data from MinION/GriION yet. And yes, no one has seen the machine till yesterday.

Here is first look at the “next-gen” sequencing machines, using crowd sourced tweets from ASHG 2012. Many have seen and touched the “mean machine”, but no one has seen the data yet.








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