NextGenSeek’s 2012 Top Posts Reflects “Social” Genome Scientists Interested in Small Next-Gen Sequencers

NextGenSeek’s 2012 top posts, posts that received most page views, reflects genome scientists interested in finding more about small benchtop next-gen sequencers like Illumina MiSeq and Ion Torrent PGM/Proton. The posts comparing the price, tech specs, and performance of these bench top next-gen sequencers received most visitors/views from search engines. The top three posts are

  1. Comparing Price and Tech. Specs. of Illumina MiSeq, Ion Torrent PGM, 454 GS Junior, and PacBio RS
  2. The Best Benchtop Next-Gen High-Throughput Sequencer: MiSeq or Ion Torrent PGM or 454 GS Junior?
  3. Comparing the Performance of Three Next-Gen Sequencers; Illumina MiSeq, Ion Torrent PGM and PacBio RS

Interest in small next-gen sequencers are also evident from interest shown learning about Oxford Nanopore technologies.  A recent post having photos of Oxford Nanopore‘s prototype MinON and GridION from ASHG tweets was in the top 10 posts.

The next two top posts shows the “social” side of scientists interested in following genome scientists and learning more about conferences on Next-gen sequencing.

Other top posts included posts on Illumina’s HiSeq and the cost to sequence exomes.


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