AGBT 2013 Agenda is Out, but Oxford Nanopore is missing?

AGBT 2013 Agenda is out, no Oxford Nanopore

AGBT 2013 Agenda is out, no news on Oxford Nanopore (Image Credit: AGBT)

The much anticipated complete agenda of the 2013 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meeting is out yesterday. As usual, AGBT 2013 is held in Marco Island, Florida and this year on February 20-23, 2013. AGBT is probably the most competitive conferences in Genomics with over 800 people attending the conference. This years’ AGBT registration was open for just two weeks; It started on October 1, 2012 and accepted applications till October 15, 2012.

The four days of sequencing/genomics at AGBT is organized by eight major themes; Genomic Studies, Clinical Genomics, Genomic Technologies: Development and Applications, Genomic Medicine, Epigenomics & Transcriptomics, Cancer Genomics, Computational Biology,  and Genomic Technologies.

No MiniON this year?

One of the biggest disappointments for many sequencing enthusiasts is the absence of Oxford Nanopore Technologies at this year AGBT.  It is widely expected that Oxford Nanopore Technologies will announce their nanopore sequencers at AGBT.

All major sequencing technology companies, except for Oxford Nanopore Technologies, are scheduled to have 20 min presentations on Friday, February 22, Afternoon & Evening sessions.  The absence of Oxford Nanopore suggests that probably there will not be any announcement on their new sequencers MinION and GridION.

At last year’s AGBT Oxford Nanopore announced GridION and MinION and said that it will launch to customers within 2012.  However, like any other sequencing technology, deployment is delayed and no news on availability. At 2012 ASHG, Oxford Nanopore had a booth and showed off prototypes of MinION and  GridION. However, neither there was any data nor any hint on the availability.

Talks to Watch at 2013 AGBT 2013

No doubt all the talks are interesting watch for at AGBT. Here is a list of interesting talks with a focus on sequencing technology, clinical applications, and computational methods.

  • Michael Talkowski, Harvard Medical School “Rapid Prenatal Diagnosis by Whole-genome Clinical Sequencing of Jumping Libraries”
  • Gordon Hamilton, PicoSeq, “Single-molecule Mechanical Sequencing of DNA”
  • Matthew Wiggin, Boreal Genomics, “Multiplexed Detection of Low Abundance, Tumor Related Nucleic Acids in the Plasma of Cancer Patients”
  •  Alexander Hoischen, Radboud University Medical Centre Nijmegen, Department of Human Genetics
    “De novo Mutations in Embryonic Development and Early Lethality”
  • Dagan Wells, University of Oxford,  “Rapid Genetic Analysis of Single Cells using a Next Generation Sequencing Method: Application to Human Embryos Reveals Aneuploidy and Mutations of the Nuclear and Mitochondrial Genomes”
  • Mark Yandell, University of Utah, “VAAST: A Probabilistic Disease-gene Finder for Personal Genomes”
  •  Andrew Farrell, Boston College, “Reference-free Approach for Mutation Detection”
  • James Knight, 454 Life Sciences, “Assembling Human Sequence into Genomes”
  • Aaron Quinlan, University of Virginia, “LUMPY: A Probabilistic Framework for Structural Variant Discovery and Genomic Data Mining”
  • Michael Schatz, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, “Assembling Crop Genomes with Single Molecule Sequencing”
  • Eric Antoniou, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, “Increased Read Length and Sequence Quality with Pacific Biosciences Magbead Loading System and a New DNA Polymerase”
  • Jeremy Schmutz, HudsonAlpha Institute, “Evaluating Moleculo Long Read Technology for de novo Whole Genome Sequencing”
  • Jonas Korlach, Pacific Biosciences,“Automated, Non-Hybrid De Novo Genome Assemblies and Epigenomes of Bacterial Pathogens”

If you are not able to make it to AGBT as now, there is still a slight chance. DNANexus is giving away a 4-day AGBT badge. All you need to do is to tell them a bit about your research and why you want to be at 2013 AGBT by January 23. Otherwise, follow AGBT on twitter by following the twitter hash tag #AGBT.



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