Illumina’s 2012 Fourth Quarter Highlights

Illumina Fourth Quarter Results

Illumina Fourth Quarter Results

Illumina announced the fourth quarter financial results yesterday. Illumina’s revenue during the fourth quarter of 2012 is $309 million, which is a 24% increase compared to the revenue of fourth quarter of 2011. Overall in the year 2012, Illumina’s revenue increased 9% from $1.06 billion in year 2011 to $1.15 billion in the year 2012. Announcing the financial results, Jay Flatley, President and CEO said

We are very pleased with our execution in 2012. We ended the year with a strong performance, and made significant progress on our strategy of growing our clinical business, both organically and through acquisition. We remain optimistic about our growth prospects in 2013 and beyond, in spite of the continuing challenges of the economic environment.

In addition to the financial results, Illumina fourth quarter press release also highlighted Illumina’s achievements during the quarter. Here is the list of things that Illumina did last quarter.

  1. Announced a definitive agreement to acquire Verinata Health, Inc., a leading provider of non-invasive tests for the early identification of fetal chromosomal abnormalities

  2. Completed the acquisition of Moleculo Inc., which will enable the introduction of a novel library prep method and analysis algorithm to produce synthetic read lengths up to 10 Kb

  3. Previewed a new, ordered array flow cell technology that will provide a significant increase in cluster density and number of reads per flow cell

  4. Announced a new kit for the HiSeq® 2500 which is capable of generating up to 300 Gb in rapid mode

  5. Presented an updated MiSeq® roadmap with chemistry and software enhancements to deliver 15 Gb of throughput

  6. Announced Nextera® Rapid Capture Exome Kits to provide the fastest exome enrichment workflow on both the HiSeq 2500 and MiSeq

  7. Launched TruSeq® DNA PCR-Free Kits, a simple, all-inclusive sample prep solution for whole-genome sequencing

  8. Announced TruSeq Targeted RNA Kits for mid-plex gene expression profiling and validation

  9. Announced that Caris Life Sciences has selected the MiSeq system to support Caris’ evidence-based molecular profiling service

  10. Announced that VWR International, LLC, will distribute Illumina’s qPCR portfolio within the United States

  11. Announced winners of the MiSeq grant program to accelerate original research in microbial ecology, neglected disease, and human health

  12. Named Dr. Robert S. Epstein to the Board of Directors

  13. Announced a favorable ruling in patent litigation against Complete Genomics, Inc.

  14. Announced new grant recipients of our Agricultural Greater Good Initiative at the 21st International Plant and Animal Genome Conference

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