Next-Gen Startup Companies to Compete at PMWC 2013

NGS Startups at The Personalized Medicine World conference (PMWC 2013)

NGS Startups at The Personalized Medicine World conference (PMWC 2013)

The Personalized Medicine World conference (PMWC 2013) begins today in Mountain View, CA. PMWC 2013 has a great line of speakers from both academia and industry. In addition, PMWC 2013 also offers a great view of the startup companies in Personalized medicine space.  The Personalized Medicine World conference awards the Most Promising Company Award for an upcoming in the areas of therapeutics, diagnostics  and information technologies.

Among the 31 companies that participate at this year’s competition, about half of the companies are focused on next-generation sequencing technology/data. A majority of these 15 companies focus on offering solution to handle the Next-Gen Sequencing data.

Here is a brief look at the three interesting startup companies participating at the PWMC 2013 with a focus on utilizing Next-Gen Sequencing data/technology/Genomics for personalized medicine.

uBiome: Sequence your microbiome

uBiome: Sequencing your microbiome: A citizen science project

uBiome: Sequencing your microbiome

If you don’t know yet, our body has trillions of tiny microbe; outnumbering human cells by 10 to 1 ratio, but our collective knowledge about these microbes is pretty close to zilch. uBiome is world’s first citizen science project that enables sequencing human microbiomes and try to understand them. The citizen science initiative uBiome is founded by Jessica Richman, Zachary Apte, and William Ludington.

uBiome offers kits for a contribution as low as $79 that can sequence your microbiome and do personalized experiments.  For example, uBiome Delta kit allows  5 areas to be sampled at 5 time points and do experiments to find how your microbiome changes.  Over 1400 people have contributed to the citizen science project helping uBiome to raise more than $190,000. If you want to play with your microbiome, hurry up. Just a few days left to sign up at uBiome.

Genapsys: Sequencing Technology for Genomic Diagnostics

Genapsys: Sequencing Technology for Genomic Diagnostics

Genapsys: Sequencing Technology for Genomic Diagnostics

GenapSys is developing DNA sequencing technology for doing fast and accurate clinical genetic genetic testing at ultra low-cost. Genapsys was founded by Dr. Hesaam Esfandyarpour in 2010 (incubated at the Stanford Genome Technology Center).  The main technology behind DNA sequencing technology is its electronic chip that enables simple solution to fast low-cost sequencing.  GenapSys is located in Redwood City, CA and has already bagged  $3.3 Million grant from NHGRI in September 2012 for developing

easy-to-use, chip-based DNA sequencing that combines multiple sample processing steps with sequencing in a single device called the Gene Electronic Nano-Integrated Ultra-Sensitive platform

Horizon: Precision Genome Editing

Horizon Discovery for Genome Editing

Horizon Discovery for Genome Editing

Horizon is a UK company with a leading gene-editing platform gene-editing platform. Horizon was founded by in July 2007 by Dr Chris Torrance and Professor Alberto Bardelli in 2007 and is based at Cambridge UK.

DNA editing tools hope to be the “Super Why“s for personalized therapy. Horizon uses Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) virus for genome editing instead of nucelases like TALEN.  Horizon’s  rAAV based Genome editing platform Genesis can exploit human cell’s natural means of repairing its own DNA in an error-free manner. Horizon claims that its rAAV GENESIS can precisely insert, delete, substitute any desired DNA sequence into any endogenous gene loci in any mammalian cell. Horizon’s GENESIS offers a great resource for personalized medicine by offering the ability to create

“two cell lines that are identical except for the targeted modification, allowing for the accurate study of normal vs. diseased biology, the identification or validation of novel drug targets, or the identification, development and prescription of targeted or ‘personalized’ medicines.”

Here is the list of all the startup companies participating at PMWC 2013 with Next-Gen Sequencing/Genomics flavor. What is your favorite to not just win at PMWC 2013 but also make a huge difference in the next few years.

  1. Astrid Biosciences
  2. Bina Technologies
  3. Genapsys
  4. Horizon: Precision Genome Editing
  5. Microsonic systems
  6. Cyphergenomics
  7. Omixon
  8. Open Medicine Institute
  9. Portable Genomics
  10. ReSurfX
  11. Station X
  12. Syapse
  13. Toma Biosciences
  14. uBiome
  15. Univfy


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