NextGenSeek Stories This Week (11/1/13)

It is a pretty exciting week for all things next-generation sequencing. Illumina opened the floodgate with two acquisitions and new developments for MiSeq and HiSeq 2500. Life Technologies partnered with Boston CHildren’s hospital to start a new clinical genomics company, Claritas Genomics. PacBio laid out its plans for the year 2013. Even the ever reticent, Oxford Nanopore Technologies had a “not so exciting” press release.  Over all its all about longer reads and knocking the doors on clinics.

Here is NextGenSeek’s Stories to read this weekend.  It not just covers the developments in the next-gen sequencing technologies. company, but many interesting reads on personal genetics/genomics/microbiomics, Marie King on a hollywood movie, and many more.

  1.  on Slate: It’s Time To Stop Obsessing About the Dangers of Genetic Information
  2. David Dobbs @wired: Embrace Your Dangerous Genome
  3. Gene expression: Using your 23andMe data in Plink
  4. Gene expression: Using your 23andMe data: exploring with MDS
  5. Gene expression: Using your 23andMe data: how inbred are you?
  6. @NatureBioTechnology: The challenge of personal genomics in Germany
  7. Genomes unzipped: Crowd-funding personalized bioscience
  8. Illumina Acquires Verinata Health:
  9. NY Times: Illumina Buys Maker of Down Syndrome Test
  10. A Brief Look at 2012 Acquisitions; Illumina, Life Technologies, and 23andMe
  11. Illumina’s Acquisitions and Steven Quake Lab: NextGenSeek on the mysterious Moleculo Inc
  12. Illumina: 2×300 bp for MiSeq and 2×250 bp for HiSeq 2500 Illumina Announces Future Upgrades for MiSeq and HiSeq 2500 at JMP 2013
  13. OmicsOmics on llumina’s Blizzard
  14. CoreGenomics blog on: Illumina’s latest innovations, roll on 2013
  15. Nick Loman on sequencing errors: Sequencing data: I want the truth! (You can’t handle the truth!)
  16. Life Technologies and Boston Children’s Hospital Announces a New Clinical Genomics Company, Claritas Genomics
  17. NextGeneSeek on PacBio: PacBio Aims to Reach Average Read of Lengths of 7000-9000 Bases in 2013
  18. Seattle Magazine on Mary-Claire King: A Seattle Geneticist Gets the Hollywood Treatment
  19. Storified: 75 of the best #overlyhonestmethods


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