NextGenSeek Stories This Week (19/1/2013)

NextGenSeek Weekly Link Roundup

Interviews: Anne Wojcick and George Church. Genomes to Names;  Genes that build home

Here is NextGenSeek stories to read this weekend. The NextGenSeek stories covers interesting interviews of Anne Wojcick on 23andMe and George Church on cloning Neanderthals. In addition, this week’s news on genomics is dominated by a publication in Science journal that showed how anonymized genome data can be used  to predict surnames.  We have the links to the original Science article, accompanied commentary, news, and popular press news on the paper.

  1. Stanford Medicine X’s Video interview “A Conversation with Anne Wojcick, 23andMe CEO and Co-Founder
  2. George Church on Cloning a Neanderthal
  3. Science Policy Forum on The Complexities of Genomic Identifiability
  4. Science News and Analysis Genealogy Databases Enable Naming of Anonymous DNA Donors
  5. Science paper “Identifying Personal Genomes by Surname Inference”
  6. BBC on “Donated genetic data ‘privacy risk‘”
  7. The Scientist: Anonymity Under Threat
  8. Scientific American Warns Fetal Genome Screening Could Prove Tragic
  9. David Dobbs on Wired: The Case for Selective Paternalism in Genetic Testing
  10. Genetics of building homes: The genes that built a home
  11. Mathematicians start journal based on ArXiv: Episciences project and coverage on Nature

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