NextGenSeek’s Stories This Week (03/01/13)

Had a nice long break and missed all the interesting happenings in genomics? Almost all blogs and journals have reviewed 2012 happenings in genomics. So here is the extra long list of interesting links as part of NextGenSeek’s link roundup. It will be a great read for the upcoming weekend.

  1. BioIT World: Encyclopedia Genomica: UK Scientists Print the Book of Life in 130 Volumes
  2. BioIT World: Genomics 2012: Narcissomes, Neonates and ENCODE
  3. SNPedia: The 12 SNPs of Christmas 2012
  4. NextGenSeek: Genomes That Got Sequenced: Class of 2012
  5. Kromosome: The New Genomes of 2012
  6. BioMickWatson: An Embargo of short read alignment tools?
  7. Getting Genetics Done: Getting Genetics Done 2012 In Review
  8. NextGenSeek: Five Massive Next-Gen Sequencing Projects Published in 2012
  9. MassGenomics on Ethical Challenges for Clinical Genome Sequencing
  10. Wall Street Journal says The Future of Medicine Is Now: From cancer treatments to new devices to gene therapy, a look at six medical innovations that are poised to transform the way we fight disease
  11. TheDNAExchange: GENETICS and The Year in Review: My Top Ten Stories of 2012
  12. Xconomy: 2012: The Year When Genomic Medicine Started Paying Off
  13. NextGenSeek: Federal Govt Clears BGI’s Acquisition of Complete Genomics
  14. MIT Technology Review: Why We Have a Right to Consumer Genetics
  15. NY Times: Knowing You Carry a Cancer Gene
  16. NY Times:

    Biotech Players Lead a Boom in Cambridge

  17. nextgenseq’s Juggling Elephants (Sad story on Sandy’s effect NYU NGS lab, a month old, but worth reading)
  18. JAX: Genetics and Your Health: Why is there no cure for cancer? in 2013
  19. Phenomena:  Not Exactly Rocket Science: How a quarter of the cow genome came from snakes?
  20. Haldane’s Sieve sifts through 2012
  21. Simply Statistics: The scientific reasons it is not helpful to study the Newtown shooter’s DNA
  22. NextGenSeek’s Storify: @lenoidkruglyak’s tweets On why sequencing Newtown shooter’s DNA is not a good idea
  23. Simply Statistics: Does NIH fund innovative work? Does Nature care about publishing accurate articles?

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