Update on Moleculo Technology from PAGXXI

More info on Moleculo Long Read Technology

More info on Moleculo Long Read Technology

Last week at the JMP 2013 Illumina announced the acquisition of San Francisco based Moleculo Inc. Moleculo, the company and its technology has been mysterious with little information known.

All we know till now is that Moleculo is founded by Michael Kertesz and Dmitry Pushkarev, both alumini of Stephen Quake’s lab at Stanford. Moleculo has a novel DNA sequencing method that can produce very long and accurate reads. Illumina’s press release added little bit more information and said that Moleculo technology is a “novel library prep method and analysis algorithm” and will help Illumina produce read lengths up to 10 kb at an extremely low error rate.

Moleculo Technology Uses Illumina HiSeq 2500 to Produce Long reads

Later, Nick Loman found an abstract from Plant and Animal Genome 2013 conference that offered a bit more details on Moleculo Technology. The abstract revealed that how Moleculo’s library prep method was used in Illumina HiSeq 2500 to produce reads of length 1.5kb – 15.0kb in the application of de novo assembly of blue catfish, Ictalurus furcatus. The 2013 PAGXII conference began yesterday and the work using Moleculo technology was presented today. The tweets from the talk by Neil Hall revealed bit more information on Moleculo technology.

Here is a quick summary of the tweets, the tweets and a storify link for tweet discussion on Moleculo technology.

Moleculo Long Read Libray Prep: $3500 for 750Mb of data

To quickly summarize Neil Hall’s tweets, Geoff Waidbieser work on Catfish genome assembly used Moleculo technology to generate long individual fragments using Illumina HiSeq 2500.  Moleculo technology offered minimus read lengths of 1500 bases, average read lengths of 7000 bases giving 3Gb sequence data. The Moleculo longs reads were highly accurate, often with no errors for over 1kb length. And the cost of Moleculo library  was $3500 and each library gave 750mb of long read data. Should PacBio be worrying about Illumina’s new toy Moleculo?









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