AGBT 2013 Highlights and Link Roundup

AGBT 2013 Highlights: Link Roundup

AGBT 2013 Highlights: Link Roundup

The 14th annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT 2013 #AGBT13) meeting held in Marco Island, Florida is over today after four days of all things genomics. Unlike the last few editions, there was not high expectation this year, but almost everyone expected to see more evidence of genome sequencing making big inroads into clinics.

Here is a link round up of happenings at AGBT 2013 from the people who attended and brave enough to blog about on the same day.

  1. NY Genome Center: Pregnancy offers unique revelations about human microbiome
  2. NY Genome Center: VIPs of the pharmacogenomic kind get  AGBT attention 
  3. LabSpaces.netA coming of age for PacBio and long read sequencing? #AGBT13
  4. OMICS! OMICS!AGBT: Nabsys unveiled
  5. MIT Technology Review: Solid-State Sequencer Debuts at Genome Conference
  6. AGBT Summary Notes at Kromozome
  7. Ion Torrent to Launch Ion P2 in Mid 2013: Jonathan Rothberg at AGBT 2013
  8. Illumina Time Lapsed Video:  Growth of BaseSpace Runs Across the World
  9. Illumina to Offer Moleculo Long Read Sequencing As Service First in 2013
  10. GnuBIO to Ship Benchtop Sequencer in Beta On 1st April
  11. Illumina Blog: Trends from AGBT 2013: Microbiomes under the Microscope

AGBT 2013 Day 1 Highlights

  1. #AGBT day one talks and observations: WES/WGS, kissing snails, Poo bacteria sequencing
  2. PacBio Blog: AGBT Day 1 Highlights: Focus on Epigenetics
  3. Blog @Illumina: AGBT 2013, Marco Island, Day 1
  4. New York genome Center: AGBT Meeting Opens with Record Attendance
  5. Awesome Live Coverage of Illumina User Meeting at AGBT 2013 by Nick LomanIllumina to Offer Moleculo Long Read Sequencing As Service First in 2013

AGBT 2013 Day 2 Highlights

  1. NYGC: Focus Turns to Clinical Genomics
  2. PacBio Blog: AGBT Day 2 Highlight: Bovine Immune Response Characterized with PacBio Sequencing
  3. Blog at Illumina: Dispatch from the Illumina User Meeting
  4. Blog at Illumina: AGBT 2013, Day 2: WGS Trends
  5. Next Generation Sequencing rapidly moves from the bench to the bedside #AGBT13

AGBT 2013 Day 3 Highlights

  1. NYGC: Sequencing Takes Center Stage
  2. PacBio Blog:  Notes from AGBT: Long-Read Sequence Data Makes a Difference for Human, Crop Studies

AGBT 2013 Day 4 Highlights

  1. NYGC: Single-Cell Sequencing, Cancer Genomics

Slides of Talks/Posters at AGBT 2013

  1. Mark DePristoOvercoming today’s limitations in  sequencing technology for human medical genetics
  2. Mauricio Carneiro: Perfecting the human genome with longer reads
  3. Michael Schatz: Assembling Crop Genomes with Single Molecule Sequencing 
  4. Illumina Moleculo Poster: Accurate genome haplotyping using existing high-throughput sequencers
  5. Illumina Moleculo Poster: De-novo haplotype resolved whole genome sequencing and assembly using Moleculo Long Read sequencing kit.
  6. Illumina Poster: Improvements in Sequencing Technologies on Illumina Platforms
  7. Illumina Poster: Nextera Mate Pairs: High Diversity Libraries Enabling Comprehensive  de novo Assembly from a Microgram of Genomic DNA
  8. Illumina Poster:  The MiSeq DNA Sequencing Platform and application in clinical microbiology
  9. SeqBench Poster: Seqbench Open-source benchmarking of sequence platforms and software

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