AGBT 2013: Less Than A Week To Go

AGBT 2013, the biggest sequencing technology conference, is about take off in less than a week’s time at the balmy Marco Island, Florida. AGBT starts on  20th February and ends on 23rd February 2013. What to expect at this year’s AGBT?

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AGBT 2013: What to Expect?

Unlike the last three years of AGBT conferences, this year AGBT 2013 seems little subdued. In the year 2010, PacBio and IonTorrent unveiled their sequencing technologies; in 2011 the benchtop sequencers MiSeq and PGM dominated the conference, and last year Oxford Nanopore unveiled MinION and GridION.  And Oxford Nanopore technology promised that their tiny and long read sequencers will be in the market by the end of the year.

Since Oxford Nanopore could not keep its promise in 2012, there was a huge expectation that at this year’s AGBT, Oxford Nanopore will really announce a concrete available date. The huge expectations were quashed when AGBT announced the conference agenda last month and there was no sign of Oxford Nanopore Technology at AGBT (other than being one of the sponsors of AGBT)

A quick look at the 2013 AGBT agenda suggests that overall theme is about “Clinical”, “Cancer”, “Whole”, “Human”, “Genome”, “Sequencing”, “Analysis”. These are the most commonly used words in the titles of the talk at AGBT 2013. Here is the word cloud using title of the talks at AGBT 2013.  (See MassGenomics post for similar thoughts)

AGBT 2013 Theme:  Clinical/Cancer, Human, Whole, Genome, Sequencing,  Analysis

AGBT 2013 Theme: Clinical/Cancer, Human, Whole, Genome, Sequencing, Analysis

No doubt the agenda has lots interesting applications of sequencing technologies. However, the conference is little weak on the sequencing technology side.

Illumina’s scheduled talk titled “10kb Reads on HiSeq” a clear hint at its recently acquired Moleculo long read technology. May be we will also get to know when to expect Moleculo for HiSeq and its cost. PacBio will be talking about how its “Whole Human Genome SMRT® Sequencing Reveals Uncharacterized Structural Variations Providing a Path to More Informed Diagnostic Testing”. Life technologies’ Jonathan Rothberg will talking about How Game Changing the “Ion Semiconductor Sequencing” is?

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