IonTorrent Sales Beat MiSeq Again: Macquarie Report

IonTorrent Sells More than MiSeq

IonTorrent Sells More than MiSeq

IonTorrent beats Illumina’s MiSeq again in the benchtop sequencing machine market, according to the latest report by Macquarie report. BioIT world reporting on the Macquarie’s analysis says that overall the benchtop sequencers market is led by IonTorrent with 62% of the benchtop sequencing market share and MiSeq with the remaining 38% of the market share. IonTorrent’s PGM has about 54% of the market and the Ion Proton launched last year has the remaining 8% market.

According to the BioIT report, Macquaire’s report also gives the number if benchtop sequencers sold so far.   Illumina has sold about 1,100 MiSeqs so far, while Life Technologies has sole about 1,600 Ion Torrent PGMs.  

It is worth to note that Life Technologies  launched IonTorrent PGM in Dec. 2010 and Illumina launched MiSeq in early 2011 and started shipping them in summer 2011. And PGM costs about $75,000 and MiSeq costs about $125,000.

The report that MiSeq sells less than Ion Torrent is surprising to many as MiSeq is widely acknowledged as the better sequencing machine. This is the second report from Macquarie that placed Ion Torrent over MiSeq in the bench top sequencing market. In its last report published in August 2012, it said Life Tech has installed around 1,300 of its Ion Torrent PGM machines and Illumina has sold around  700 MiSeq machines.

Read the full summary on Macquaire’s report at BioIT world: Ion Torrent Edges Illumina in Sales Battle of Benchtop Sequencers, Says Macquarie Report


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