Is BioTech Job Market Improving?

The journal Nature Biotechnology looks at job market picture in pharma and bio-tech industries every quarter. The fourth quarter job market scenario is available in this month’s issue of Nature Biotech. The article typically has a nice a table of top 25 largest biotech companies that are hiring, with the number of jobs from three jobs boards (Monster, LinkedIn, and Nature Jobs in 2012)

This month’s article compared the fourth quarter jobs market with third quarter job scene and found that the market remained the same.  Well, it is kind of expected that not much hiring happens during the holiday season, that is the fourth quarter.

A comparison of the 2012’s fourth quarter job market scene with the 4th quarter of 2011 shows that the biotech industries are hiring (Monster, Biospace and Nature Jobs in 2011) . In 2011’s fourth quarter, the total number of biotech jobs in the three job boards were, 264, 192, and 19 jobs, while in 2012 the total number of jobs are 286, 568, and 902.

Clearly, 2012 has more biotech jobs.  However, if we look at the job contributing companies, only a few companies make up the numbers.  Life Technologies tops the list with 792 advertised jobs, Cephalon comes next with 149 jobs, Celgene has 109 job openings, and Illumina has 86 jobs.  This kind of suggests that only a handful of biotech companies are in the hiring mode, not the whole biotech industry.

The high number of jobs from Life Technologies and lllumina hints that the next-gen sequencing job market is doing well. Here is the current job listing numbers from the next-gen sequencing technology companies. These numbers were obtained from respective company websites as of 8th Feb 2013.


  • 137 jobs in US
  • 22 jobs in UK
  • 32 jobs in Singapore

Life Technologies

  •  560 advertised jobs in total
  •  375 of these jobs are in USA, with over 230 jobs in CA, US.

Oxford Nanopore

  • 18 jobs on its website, but almost all of them are dated mid 2012

Pacific Biosciences

  • 10 jobs


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    What is the number of jobs in 2014 in Biotech Industries?

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