NextGenSeek Stories To Read This Week (02/17/13)

A lots of interesting stories on genomics came out in the last few weeks. For example, just within a span of two weeks days, BGI got featured in three big popular press. First Bloomburg Business Week claimed “BGI’s Young Chinese Scientists Will Map Any Genome”, later MIT Technology review gave us an inside look at BGI with the article titled “Inside China’s Genome Factory”, and just yesterday, Wall Street Journal focused on one specific and bit controversial project from BGI with article titled “A Genetic Code for Genius?”. Not just, big foot genome got published in a brand new journal.

Other  interesting stories to read and these include WSJ asks two scientists whether healthy people should have their genome sequenced, an interview with PacBio CEO, and Jackson Lab’s @markgenome explains why genetic diversity matters for mouse models.

  1. Bloomburg Business Week: BGI’s Young Chinese Scientists Will Map Any Genome
  2. MIT Technology Review: Inside China’s Genome Factory
  3. WSJ: A Genetic Code for Genius? In China, a research project aims to find the roots of intelligence in our DNA; searching for the supersmart
  4. Big Foot Genome is here. Find out How Sasquatch Are You?
  5. WSJ: Should Healthy People Have Their Genomes Sequenced At This Time?
  6. Mendelspod Interview with Mike Hunkapiller, CEO of Pacific Biosciences
  7. Economist: The microbiome and health: Sniffing out hypertension
  8. Forbes: A Genomics Argument About Why The NIH Is Good For Business
  9. Why mice may succeed in research when a single mouse falls short
  10. AGBT begins next week. Massgenomics wonders if this year’s AGBT: Sequencing’s Debutante Ball or Déjà vu. (and our post on AGBT 2013)
  11. Next Generation Sequencing in the Clinic: A Perspective from Dr Elaine Mardis
  12. Wired on Genomics revolution to reach the mass. Medicine for the Rich Is About to Get Cheap Enough for Regular People

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