Qiagen Acquires Ingenuity Systems for $105 Million

Qiagen Acquires Ingenuity for $105 Million

Qiagen Acquires Ingenuity

Qiagen announced that it has acquired the Ingenuity Systems for $105 Million. The California based Ingenuity Systems the early Bioinformatics software company was co-founded by Ramon Felciano in 1998 when he was a PhD student at Stanford.

Ingenuity has a variety of web based bioinformatics products based on its  manually curated Knowledge Base of biological interactions and functional annotations for proteins, genes, drugs, and diseases that distill knowledge from large-scale omics data.  Ingenuity’s Pathway analysis product (IPA) is widely used and it recently started offering web based products for Next-Gen sequencing data to identify causal variants and analyzing results from RNA-seq data.

Qiagen is predominantly a molecular diagnostics company with over 4000 employees across the world, has recently showed a lots of interest in Next-Gen sequencing market. First, Qiagen bought Intelligent Bio-Systems (IBS) in 2012, with interest in building a sequencer.  IBS has developed max-Seq using the sequencing-by-hybridization technology like Illumina, but based on the work from Columbia University professor Jingyue Ju.  Before being acquired by Qiagen, IBS was developing a desktop Next-Gen sequencer, mini-Seq for diagnostic market. It looks like IBS/Qiagen is close in developing the desktop sequencer. During the AGBT this year, Qiagen announced that it will be selling a new Desktop Next-gen sequencer, GeneReader, which sounded very similar to IBS’ mini-Seq. However, it did not offer much information about the sequencer.

Qiagen has been hinting a product that goes from sample to results for diagnostic market and the acquisition of Ingenuity Systems is a big step towards the integrated product that goes from sequencing to discovery. Announcing the acquisition, Qiagen said in the press release that many of the top people at Ingenuity will stay with Ingenuity. Here are some blurbs on the acquisitions by the CEOs Qiagen and Ingenuity.

Peer M. Schatz , Chief Executive Officer of QIAGEN N.V said

The interpretation of biological information is becoming a cornerstone of QIAGEN’s ecosystem of Sample & Assay Technologies for molecular testing – both in life sciences research and in diagnostics. We are establishing a leading role in this field and intend to further expand the value proposition and scope of our offering.

Ingenuity has created unparalleled leadership with its Knowledge Base and interpretation solutions to unlock the value of complex genomic and other biological information. Combining the highest-quality knowledge content with powerful search capabilities and easy-to-use interfaces, the Ingenuity suite provides customers with scientifically and clinically relevant insights into diseases. We are looking forward to expanding the seamless integration of leading biomedical information solutions into our full range of molecular testing solutions, thereby providing our customers a unique experience from sample to interpreted result and recommendations for next steps. Integration of Ingenuity’s solutions into a powerful, full-range ecosystem of QIAGEN’s molecular testing solutions, such as PCR and next-generation sequencing, promises to offer significant value to QIAGEN customers and shareholders.

Jake Leschly , President and CEO of Ingenuity Systems, said

Today we can sequence an entire human genome in just a couple of days for less than a few thousand dollars, but the data analysis can take from months to years. The Ingenuity suite of products enables this rapid and accurate interpretation in a matter of minutes, and this is fundamentally impacting scientific research and the ability to diagnose and manage patient care. The Ingenuity mission from day one has been to accelerate scientific discovery and enhance clinical decision-making through a rich understanding of biological systems. As part of QIAGEN, we will offer our biological knowledge content and software in the context of a best-in-class ecosystem of molecular testing solutions and to a greatly expanded range of customers around the world.

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