Thermo Fisher Close to Acquire Life Technologies for $13 Billion: WSJ Reports

Life Technologies to acquired by Thermos Fisher: WSJ Reports

Life Technologies to acquired by Thermos Fisher: WSJ Reports

It looks like the California based Life Technologies is about to be acquired by the Massachussets based Thermo Fisher. According to the report on Wall Street Journal tonight, Life Technologies and Thermo Fisher are in advanced stages of the acquisition talk and it is expected that the companies can announce the acquisition as early as tomorrow for about $13 billion (and there is also a chance that the deal might fall apart).

According to the report, in addition to Thermo Fisher, the chemical giant Sigma-Aldrich and a private consortium were also bidded to acquire Life Technologies.

Life Technologies founded in 2008 has about 10,000 employees and has $3.8 billion in revenues as of 2012. It also boasts of having over 5000 patents.  Thermo Fisher has its origin in the company Thermo Electron founded in 1956 by George Hatsopoulos, a PhD student at MIT.  Later in 2006, Thermo Fisher was founded by the merger of Thermo Electron Corporation and Fisher Scientific International Inc for a value of about $12.8 billion.  Now, Thermo Fisher has about 39,000 employees and gets $13 billion in revenue.



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