2013 The Biology of Genomes Starts Today

The Biology of Genomes 2013 (BOG13), one of the biggest conferences in genomics, starts today at CSHL, NY.  The 26th annual meeting on all things genome begins this evening at 7:30 pm and goes through Saturday noon (Tuesday, May 7, 2013 – Saturday May 11, 2013).  This year’s Biology of the Genomes has 48 talks and over 350 posters covering topics from High Throughput Genomics & Genetics, Genetics of Complex Traits, Functional and Cancer Genomics, Computational Genomics, Evolutionary Genomics, and Population Genomic Variation.

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Interested in following the high quality genomic science from the “tweetable” Biology of Genomes 2013 live? Unlike other conferences, CSHL does not even publish the complete schedule of the conference. Tune in to tweets with the hashtag #bog13 and more specifically look out for tweets from

True to the name of the conference, The Biology of the Genome conference has the latest genome science on a variety of genomes. Although human genome is the most dominant topic at this year (see the wordle based on poster and talk titles), the conference also features the most recent work on Drosophila, Mouse, Neandertal, African and Caribbean vervet monkeys, and many more

Here is the wordle images from the talks and posters.






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