Myriad Gene Patent Case Media Roundup

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that natural genes can not be patented, but “synthetically made” genes can be patented. Over all it got the verdict right, but slipped on the science side of the genes. In case, you missed the stories on the gene patenting and the Supreme court’s ruling, here os the roundup of over 20 stories from the media.

  1. NY Times: Can the Human Blueprint Have Owners?
  2. NY Times: Justices, 9-0, Bar Patenting Human Genes
  3. Nature News Blog: US Supreme Court rules patents on ‘natural’ human genes invalid
  4. Science Insider: U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Human Gene Patents
  5. Supreme court decision pdf file on Myriad case ruling
  6. Forbes: Supreme Court Rejects Human-Gene Patents — Sort Of
  7. Steven Salzberg on Forbes: Supreme Court Gets Decision Right, Science Wrong, on Gene Patents
  8. Forbes: Gene-Patent Decision Is Popular, But A Threat To Personalized Medicine
  9. Scotus Blog: Opinion recap: No patent on natural gene work
  10. NPR: Supreme Court Gene Ruling Splits Hairs Over What’s ‘Natural’
  11. Personalized Medicine Enters a New Era
  12. Mary-Claire King’s Interview on Slate:  I Discovered the BRCA Genes And I am delighted the Supreme Court ruled they cannot be patented.
  13. Boingboing: Supreme Court: You can’t patent (naturally occurring) genes
  14. Boingboing: Making sense of the confusing Supreme Court DNA patent ruling
  15. Nature News: Myriad ruling causes confusion
  16. Nature Column: World view: Sharing information is preferable to patenting
  17. Genetic testing company should free data
  18. The Scientist: Gene Patents Decision: Everybody Wins
  19. NYTimes opinion: Our Genes, Their Secrets
  20. A good read: The next controversy in genetic testing: clinical data as trade secrets?
  21. Does the Myriad Decision Presage a Golden Age of Patent-Free Personalized Medicine?
  22. PLOS Blog: A Brief History of Gene Patents

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