23andMe Launches its First TV Ad Acampaign to Reach the Mass



In an effort to reach to the mass (And its goal of a million customers), not just early enthusiastic adapters, 23andMe launched its first ad for TV. The new ad runs for about a minute and has real people who took 23andMe’s personal genetic test sharing their experience. Launching its first TV ad, Andy Page 23andMe’s president said

Our goal with this campaign is to provide consumer education and raise awareness about the potential of personal genetics, while also establishing 23andMe as a recognized and trusted brand.

If you don’t know, 23andMe offers personal genetic test for $99 and the test reports over 240 health conditions, test results for 40+ inherited conditions, and about your lineage, relatives and more. In addition, 23andMe also gives the raw data, nucleotides at over 1,000,000 locations on your genome. Currently, 23andMe is also running a promotion, where it offers 20% off on the second personal genetic test that you order.

Watch 23andMe’s first TV ad under the campaign “Portraits of Health”.

Here is the video behind the TV ad.

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