Oxford Nanopore Lets Selected Researchers Try Out MinION #ASHG2013

Oxford Nanopore seems to have begun the “earliest” access program at ASHG 2013. It looks like Oxford Nanopore have allowed selected researchers to try out running sequencing experiments using MinION. Yes, this is not just showing off the MinION at Oxford Nanopore booth.

OmicsOmicsBlog’ Keith robinson and Daniel MacArthur tweeted photos with them running sequencing experiments using MinION, which is as easy as pipeting sample to the nanopore. Here are the tweets and the photos from them. Keith Robinson further tweeted that they sequenced “transposon shotgun library of phage lambda”. However, still no word on data. There is no doubt we will see the data pretty soon.


  1. […] at ASHG 2012. Almost a year ago at ASHG 2013, Oxford Nanopore  let a few selected researchers try out sequencing by MinION.  Oxford Nanopore is back to ASHG this year at San Diego and announced a few updates and formally […]

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