Feedback on the List of Tweeters to Follow for Genomics

The new post on the Top N Genome Scientists to Follow on Twitter was received very well with very interesting suggestions and feedback. It was supposed to be a simple update adding few more interesting genome scientists to an outdated list. However, in a span of 24 hours, the post was viewed more than 1,250 times; largest ever in a single day for a post and shared over 100 times on twitter.

Feedback for Top N Genomics Tweeter List

Here are some of the feedback on the list;

  • some were very kind to say they normally don’t like a list but this was good
  • some gave suggestions on more interesting people to follow,
  • some rightly wondered why there were fewer women on the list. [Initially just 4/40 were women]

Great feedback. I have already started adding more interesting people to the list and will keep updating.

Great list of genome scientists to follow! MT @nextgenseek genome scientists to follow on twitter

— Robin Andersson (@robin_andersson) November 7, 2013

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