On Geeky Genomic License Plates



Let us talk about genomic licenses. Not the ones that will involve FDA, but the ones that are more fun. The vanity license plates with “genomic” themes, that tells you more about the genomic geeks.

Here is an effort to create a collection of “genomic” license plates that I came across on the web and on the road. This is only a beginning, feel free to share yours and what you came across on the road.

Genes spotted at ASHG2013

Genes at ASHG2013

Genes at ASHG2013

Proteome: From Sandwalk Blog

Proteome- Geeky Licence Plate

Proteome- Geeky Licence Plate

Telomere Repeats (Credit: http://publications.nigms.nih.gov/thenewgenetics/chapter2.html)

Carol Greider, Telomerase discoverer's plate

Carol Greider, Telomerase discoverer’s plate

GUT DNA spotted on Twitter

Genomes from @Graveleylab

Moving away from genomics you can easily find geeky license plates. Here is a one such plate owned by Python creator.

Guido van Rossum's Python

Guido van Rossum’s Python

Check the quora page for more license plates.

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